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Why Safarivet Is The Good chocie for Animal Care Hospital For Exotic Medicine And Orthopedic Surgery In League City, TX

Why Safarivet Is The Good chocie for Animal Care Hospital For Exotic Medicine And Orthopedic Surgery In League City, TX

Are you in League City, TX? Do you own an exotic pet? Have you searched online for any of these topics, ‘exotic animal vet near me‘, ‘exotic animal hospital near me‘, ‘exotic animal veterinarian near me‘, ‘exotic animal clinic near me‘, ‘orthopedic veterinarian near me‘?

The most outstanding veterinary facility offering a wide range of services is Safari Veterinary Care Center. We offer exotic medicine and surgery and orthopedic surgery services.

The Reasons Safarivet Is League City, Texas’s Most outstanding Animal Care Hospital for Exotic Medicine

Safari Veterinary Care Center cares for all kinds of exotic animals like two-toed sloths, exotic birds, iguanas, opossums, chameleons, zebras, lemurs, and wildlife animals, amongst others.

1.) We provide safe, specialized care for exotic pets, using evidence-based practices to achieve positive health outcomes for your pet. For example, we understand that many exotic animals hide their symptoms so they do not appear weak and become prey for other animals. Hence, we sedate them and examine all the body systems closely to determine if an animal is healthy or not. To achieve sedation, we use sevoflurane which has been proven safe for exotic animals. We also use appropriate methods for sample collection and have an in-depth understanding of how exotic animals behave.

2.) We offer comfortable boarding services for exotic pets and meet their nutritional needs while they are with us.

3.) We have modern diagnostic equipment and skilled professionals that apply diagnostic methods to make the differential diagnosis of animal conditions.

4.) Safarivet has a comfortable and friendly environment that encourages exotic animals to exhibit their natural habits. We also have a friendly staff trained every week so they can be comfortable with handling exotic animals.

5.) We offer a vast range of care services for exotic pets, such as stem cell therapy, grooming, orthopedic surgery, and other surgical procedures.

Why League City, Texas’s Safarivet Is the Most Effective Animal Hospital for Orthopedic Surgery

We have skilled, board-certified dog orthopedic veterinarians and other professionals with years of experience in pet orthopedic surgery.

At Safari vet orthopedic surgery Texas, our orthopedic surgeons use modern techniques and advanced equipment to ensure optimal recovery for your pet. Some of the modern techniques used include:

  • The string of pearls plating system for fractures, which offers more advantages over the traditional bone plate for fractures.
  • The Wedge Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (Wedge TTA) procedure, for knee surgeries.
  • Ridge stop surgery for kneecap luxations.

These modern techniques have better surgical outcomes and involve less traumatic procedures for the pet.

What makes Animal Care at Safari Veterinary Care Center different?

The needs and comfort of your pet come first at Safari Vet Animal Care and Pet Orthopedic Surgery League City, where we guarantee outstanding results from therapy, surgery, grooming, and other treatments.

These are outstanding reviews from some of our clients:

“I have a pet Opossum and I have to say These people were so gentle with my baby. I was very comfortable leaving him under their care. He wasn’t scared or anything and neither was i. I appreciate Safari being superior to the others.” – Coonie Romero

“Took in one of my reptiles to get a wellness check completed. Everyone from the front desk to the vet tech to the doctor, cared about the well-being of my reptile.</>Great customer service and care the prices were also fair. I will be taking all of my animals that are in need of any kind of care to this vet from now on.
Thank you Staff at safari for an all-around wonderful experience!” – Duplan Stephanie

“Our Gus had an acute flare-up of IVDD on a Saturday night. By Sunday morning he was developing weakness in his back legs. Thank goodness for Safari Vet’s weekend hours!
We were able to be assessed and get a diagnosis and treatment (surgery) quickly, which prevented him from losing the use of his legs. We are so fortunate to have this clinic in our area.” – Rebecca Spears

You do not need to search online for ‘exotic vet near me, exotic pet vet near me, exotic veterinarian near me, or pet orthopedic surgery league city‘.

Recall that Safarivet is League City, Texas’s premiere animal hospital for orthopaedic surgery and exotic medicine.

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